Meeting and Playdays

PLAYDAYS  or A, B C & F days

Our PLAYDAYS - held on Saturdays - are fun/social days for members to be able to ride with absolutely no pressure. Activities (not just dressage), Building Confidence (for horse and rider) and Fun - if you have a young horse and you want to get out before going to a competition or just want to give dressage a go but don’t know where to start - these days can really help.  Members can set up jumps, bending, barrels or a temporary dressage arena - whatever is needed to practise on the day. We have a good range of Working Equitation equipment that can be used. Arrive in good time to help set up what you require.

COST per PLAYDAY $10 per rider but may vary if we have an instructor - enter on 'nominate'

Sometimes we have a visiting EA approved Dressage teacher who will take bookings for lessons. We also are training for Working Equitation Competitions so members it is up to you to make it what you want!

Not a member yet? Then join up on Nominate.

Have to be a member of BDC & ANWEL to attend. >

The General Meeting will also be held during the day.

The Playday & Meeting will be at Bulahdelah Showground.

All members are invited to attend meetings.

Please contact us if there is an item you wish to add to the agenda.  

PLAYDAY Dates for 2024

The first SATURDAY of each month - A general meeting will follow around 1.00pm



Meeting opened …(time)

Welcome by Chairperson/President


Reading/Confirmation of Minutes of previous AGM

Business arising from the minutes

President’s Report

Treasurer’s Report & presentation of accounts for the year

Election of Office Bearers (Financial members only can vote)

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Committee with specified jobs (Draw convener, Webmaster, Gear Check, Judge getter, Folders, Pencillers, Canteen, Comp catering,etc.)

General/ Special Business

  • Competition Entry Fees
  • Membership Fees

Date of next meeting

Close ….

General Meeting Agenda

Opening of meeting.


Reading and confirmation of minutes from last meeting.

Business arising from minutes.

Correspondence In:

Emails from:                          

Correspondence Out:

Treasurers Report.

General Business:

  • Update our RISK Management Policy

Date for next meeting.

Closure of Meeting.



  Our meetings are held at our Playdays, after riding. 

 Extra meetings are held as 'phone meetings when required.

 If you are interested in taking part in these contact a committee member.


Mintutes of past Meetings